When you think ‘mobile,’ Lenovo is not a company that typically comes to mind. As an organization focused for years in the computer space, it needed to do something dramatic at Mobile World Congress 2015, the Olympics of mobile shows, to introduce the world to its newest products like the Vibe Shot and A7000 smart phone. The show, held annually in Barcelona, was the perfect platform to highlight its expanding product lines.


For more than 10 years, Lenovo has worked with Event Strategy Group (ESG), to create original experiences and high-impact results. Knowing a plain booth and new product samples would just not cut it, Lenovo turned once again to ESG to create a unique experience at Mobile World Congress 2015.

ESG transformed a blank canvas of a space into a VIP experience for attendees. Lenovo’s area was divided into four separate sections on two levels, each with a specific purpose in mind. The agency arranged 18 uniquely designed mini office spaces for one-on-ones with prospects, a press area designated for briefings, a social section with a kitchen filled with catered food and a stage with an emcee. Every 15 minutes, the presenter would get on the microphone, drawing people into the booth. This was no longer a typical trade show for attendees; it was a production that they were a part of.

Technology shows such as MWC are known for white spaces and clean lines. ESG turned this typical “look” on its side and focused the design of the space on natural elements such as recycled wood and moss. Also, instead of inundating attendees with product information at every turn, ESG turned the Lenovo booth into an exclusive club-like atmosphere with music and imagery filling the space. The goal was to make the visitors feel like they were a part of something, an experience and the extended lines of people that were spilling onto either side of Lenovo’s designated space proves this was accomplished.


Partnering once again with ESG for Mobile World Congress yielded record-breaking results for the Company. Beyond the overflow of people wanting to get into Lenovo’s space, the Company saw success with traditional and social media.

Lenovo’s social media engagement increased a significant amount (154%), reaching 9.3M more people than last year. The Company also secured 6th place in Share of Voice (SOV) on social media at the conference, surpassing two of the largest mobile companies in the world, Apple and LG.

In addition to Lenovo’s buzz in social networks, the company garnered a high level of traditional media attention. Its display got traffic from more than 220 press and influencers, resulting in features in more than 2,000 articles worldwide by publications such as Bloomberg Business, Re/Code, Wired and Esquire.

Lenovo also secured a total of more than 30 awards and accolades at the worldwide event, including 6th place on PC Magazine’s “Top Ten Most Striking Booths.”