ESG | Posted: 02.12.2016

Event planning is hard work, but what’s the point of putting in the hours if you can’t guarantee attendee interaction and participation?

Technology is making it easier on exhibitors by eliminating the need to print and transport heavy brochures, business cards and other materials to events. Moving digital is also helping event planners by allowing them to track attendee analytics, understand the value of attendee interaction, capture real-time metrics, amplify event brands and more. These statistics are highly important in planning future events, in order to maximize ROI.

As a company that works with a global technology client, we’re always on the hunt for the latest tool to help us manage events. We came across a new company called Loopd which provides attendees with badges that sync to an app, allowing exhibitors to send information instantly, as well as collect their contact information for later. The badges also allow attendees to instantly swap contact information with one another. Goodbye business cards! At the event’s end, users are able to easily access relevant information about contacts met, sessions attended, and partners visited, all in one place.

It’s time for event planners everywhere to start embracing technology and using it to their advantage.

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