ESG | Posted: 03.15.2016

Hola! I think we’ve finally caught up on sleep from working Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona for Lenovo.

MWC is always an exciting show and this year did not disappoint. Tens of thousands of attendees traveling from over 200 countries came to visit the hundreds of exhibitors, so it was our job to make Lenovo stand out among the crowd.

Our art department embraced Lenovo’s updated brand and had fun using the new brand color palette and energizing imagery. This helped the Lenovo booth really pop among the simpler, more neutral designs deployed throughout the exhibition space.

Ok, enough about booth design; you want to hear about the fun stuff that went down.

Click here to have Lenovo’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Roman, take you on a behind the scenes look at the latest mobile tech. You’ll see demos of a smart phone that can be dropped and not break, a phone that is actually meant to go underwater, and the latest Yoga tablet. Roman also takes you behind the public booth to show you the space where Lenovo meets with customers and media can get sneak peeks and products still under NDA.

Upset that you couldn’t make it this year? Here is a 360o video. You can actually scroll left, right, up and down to see the booth and goings on as if you were actually there.

See you next year!


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