The ESG Team

We are a team of creative professionals working together, with you, to turn your ideas into an adventure.

Kayla Stearns Event Manager
What I Do: I plan…a lot! Anything I can do to take the stress off of my client and create an amazing event from start to finish.
Where I've Been: Chicago, Cayman Islands, DePaul University, Sewanee TN mountains, a lot of Ingrid Michaelson concerts, London, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Munich, Dublin, Chicago again, multiple ‘Second City’ shows, Vegas, and now North Carolina!
My Best Day At Work: Anytime I get to see a smile on the clients face when the final product of an event has finally come together!
Rachel Woods Event Manager
What I Do: Plan, organize, manage, and stay on top of all the minute details until the last minute and the event is complete.
Where I've Been: The majority of the East coast, a few stops out West, The UK, India, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada.
My Best Day At Work: Any day I get to go onsite and see all of the moving parts of the event come to life and fall into place.
Emily Nance Event Manager
What I Do: I turn vision into reality one detail at a time.
Where I've Been: All around the world making memories and learning each step of the way.
My Best Day At Work: Any day I get to laugh… and have snacks. Snacks are a must!
Ryan Scardecchio Junior Graphic Designer
What I Do: I am a junior designer who uses my creative skills to deliver the best graphic products possible to our clients.
Where I've Been: I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia but spent the last 4 years of my life in the Poconos attending East Stroudsburg University and battling the absolutely horrible weather all year round.
My Best Day At Work: My favorite days at work are the days I am at my busiest.
Marlo Taber Event Manager
What I Do: Not stop with the drive to succeed while wearing a smile.
Where I've Been: Covering every inch of Philly on bike comparing cheesesteak joints, to the archaic streets of Plaka searching for the perfect gyro, to Florence’s best hole-in-the-wall pairing a chianti with my Bolognese, to trying frog dumplings in Shanghai…Are you picking up on my foodie theme yet?
My Best Day At Work: Before “work” (aka the fun) even began, when I was greeted with the phrase “welcome to the family!”
Olivia Maddox Junior Designer & Social Media
What I Do: I’m the “Jack of All Trades;” I help out in design, in creating social media content, and whatever the event managers need me for.
Where I've Been: From my hometown in North Jersey, to Columbus, OH (Go Bucks), across the pond to Dijon, France for a way-too-short semester of galivanting around Europe, couch surfing across the country in a Subaru Impreza, anywhere the travel bug leads me, and now Philadelphia!
My Best Day At Work: My first day at ESG when I jumped head first into the crazy world of event planning and this awesome community.
Keith Aldred Creative Director
What I Do: Visualize ideas and bring into being all sorts of things in many genres. For the most part I’ve managed to merge my passions into a singular lifestyle and haven’t ever looked back. I can’t say I’ve really felt like I’ve “worked” very many days of my life. I spend a good amount of time looking at the value of things. Designers have to make a lot of choices that don’t have much to do with the art in design.
Where I've Been: In a lot of planes, trains, and automobiles getting all around the world as much as possible back in the day. I even made it across the United States and back with my thumb out while it was still fashionable in the 70’s. Lately I’m a pretty ole fashion studio homeboy.
My Best Day At Work: When I can’t hear anything but what I’m looking at.
What I Do: Keep calm when the clients panic. Jump every hurtle thrown at me. Run through hotels, convention centers, and venues of all sorts to take care of business. Basically I make event dreams come true!
Where I've Been: To only 20 of the 50 states – which isn’t nearly enough. Fight, Fight, Fighting for the Cherry and the White! Exploring Hungary, Spain, France and Austria. Being a bouncer for the Philadelphia Eagles. Planning countless meetings and events in the corporate world and loving life!
My Best Day At Work: The moment all my blood, sweat, and tears pays off and the client thanks me for making their vision a reality. Also sweat pants Friday.
Ashley Phillips EVENT MANAGER
What I Do: Small details, large details. Minor details, major details. Details about details, and everything in between.
Where I've Been: Organizing parties and get-togethers for family and friends since I can remember. Saint Joseph’s University. Roaming through the cities of Italy. Island hopping around Greece. Exploring the west coast of India. Hitting the slopes in Canada. 18 out of the 50 states on my travel bucket list. Planning and executing special events at the Philadelphia Zoo in the midst of roaring big cats and swinging monkeys. Anywhere and everywhere adventure leads me.
My Best Day At Work: Traveling to see all of the hard work and endless amounts of event detail come to fruition. Seeing a smile on someone’s face, knowing an event has made a lasting impression.
Cayleigh Ashman EVENT MANAGER
What I Do: Envision the details then execute the details; and repeat.
Where I've Been: Countless volleyball courts across the continental US, hours upon hours at the Jersey Shore, behind many bars serving up drinks, navigating a golf cart around numerous golf courses and a myriad of ballrooms and breakout rooms
My Best Day At Work: My first day at ESG. Cliché but true. I belong to a team of passionate perfectionists who find comfort in our shared common neurosis.
What I Do: I make things look pretty, with a side of everything else design.
Where I've Been: East Stroudsburg University, France & Germany, Vegas to see my favorite DJ play (more than once), countless live shows and music festivals, Disney World a handful of times, at the roulette table in Atlantic City, 1st violin in a full orchestra and still exploring...
My Best Day At Work: Any day I feel really proud and accomplished of a design I did, or one with free food!
What I Do: Write lists. Track shipping. Answer e-mails. Make things happen!
Where I've Been: University of Maryland, DC, and Philly (plus several amazing cities in the US and abroad for trips in between)
My Best Day At Work: Any day I get to travel to see my event come to life.
Brendan Shuff Event Technology Specialist
What I Do: Provide a support system for clients and colleagues.
Where I've Been: From a small town in PA to the large world of events. I’ve had the privilege to work inside countless hotels, arenas, convention centers and stadiums.
My Best Day At Work: Walking around an event venue and seeing everything come together.
What I Do: Registration, Transportation, Onsite execution, and work to make any request possible. If you need linens ironed…I’m your girl.
Where I've Been: I seen some great cities, both near and far – from Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, and Austin to Budapest, Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Mexico, just to name a few!
My Best Day At Work: It’s hard to pick just one, but my favorites are the days when I get to collaborate with my colleagues and laugh over the funny, crazy and unexpected things that happen at events!
Michele Richert Account Manager
What I Do: Numbers are my thing. Knowing that each event turns out profitable – just warms my heart.
Where I've Been: Trust Accounting, Insurance Accounting, and Financial CPA Tax Accounting – all in my past. Now settling down here at ESG to make sure the numbers are good, the employees are happy, and the cash keeps flowing.
My Best Day At Work: Every day is fun and different but when we have special events at ESG – they are the best. Ice Cream Social; Yoga class; Healthy living sharing events – just to name a few.
What I Do: I create and execute strategies to help our clients generate revenue and engage their customers on social media. #LikeABoss
Where I've Been: Deejaying drive-time FM radio, teaching college freshmen to speak in public, pitching ideas to a Blackfeet Indian Chief, climbing a 250ft radio tower in Swaziland, managing media in Washington, DC, and car dancing any place at all.
My Best Day At Work: Post-event excursion to Laguna Beach complete with guacamole, surfers, and trolley rides. Not all three at once.
What I Do: Take care of the details.
Where I've Been: Teaching English in Spain, NC State, on a senior citizens tour through the Galapagos, the Salt Lick, Lenovo, floating through the Panama Canal, zip-lining through the U.S. National Whitewater Center, at a Golden Corral with 150 international students, any chocolate shop in the Triangle region, and now ESG!
My Best Day At Work: Any day when good food just happens to be on the itinerary!
What I Do: Create, plan, organize (and obsess) over the plethora of details of each event I have the pleasure of working on. On my happiest days, you’ll find me color coding excel spreadsheets and word documents for said events.
Where I've Been: Behind the counter of a popular chain “bakery-café”, behind the front desk of an Intellectual Property Law Firm, behind brides and grooms as they have walked down the aisle, behind the fundraising and educational events of three individual nonprofits housed under one roof and finally, behind the incredible, varied, awesome events produced by ESG.
My Best Day At Work: Any day with an event, but that’s not really “work”.
What I Do: Make a lot of lists!
Where I've Been: Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. The beaches of Tortolla. A farm in Kansas. A geyser in Iceland. Temple University. The Bartending Mixology School of Dallas. The starting line of a 5K. The finish line of a marathon. And a million and one ballrooms and airports.
My Best Day At Work: A tie between every beach event!
What I Do: I number crunch like it’s nobody’s business: paying bills from a monster truck to a luxury hotel, invoicing our clients all around the world, and helping with pretty much anything else ESG needs. I’m a nag when it comes to budgets, hours, SoWs, purchase orders…..ok, ALOT, but make up for it by collecting surveys in record time while on site at a conference.
Where I've Been: My journey to ESG began after College straight to a Marketing Department for a Bank. From there, I found myself managing a Customer Service department for a Chemical Company. I took some time off to raise my boys, then jumped back in as a School Board Director. I had a short profession working in a government relations firm, then I finally found my dream job here at ESG in 2012.
My Best Day At Work: Everyday at ESG. Of all of the places that I have worked in the past 25 years, I never have been part of a group that truly enjoys working so hard and take such great pride in what they do, all while laughing along the way. That is what ESG is all about and I am happy to be a part of it.
What I Do: I love the smell of packing tape in the morning. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stay this staffer from swiftly shipping your packages across the US or across the across the world. For logistics, supply preparation and Byzantine customs paperwork is my passion, my ether, my raison d’être.
Where I've Been: Managing a 4,500 sweaty cyclists strong bike tour. Attending a million cable trade shows (I have a million polo shirts to prove it, by the way.). A ball at Steinway Hall. Golfing in Casa de Campo. Leading PTO meetings and events. Hauling ice hockey bags, lacrosse equipment and dance bags. Up in a bucket truck learning the finer points of cable plant operations. And, once upon a time, traipsing the concourses of old Vet stadium in a Ms. Read-A-Thon Dog mascot costume.
My Best Day At Work: Listening to the soothing, nasal treble of a haughty French-Canadian customs agent telling me that our shipment had been cleared for take-off.
What I Do: Plan events and work my plan
Where I've Been: Penn State, ARAMARK, the seedy basement kitchen of a Philadelphia Hospital, 95% of the Continental States, and bent over backwards to make sure my projects are a success.
My Best Day At Work: Line producing a corporate performance where a chimpanzee tested the durability of a laptop by beating it senseless on stage. Or, maybe the day I bought an armadillo behind a Starbucks. (Cash only.) Hm. Hard to decide.
What I Do: Execute events with a little bit of sass on the side.
Where I've Been: Taking matters into my own hands and raiding a hotel kitchen to get what I needed, in a swimwear boutique picking out bikinis for a client, running around a beach while 6.5 months pregnant searching for a bottle of Crown Royal for a VIP exec, lurking in a shady corner of a casino making a cash exchange for event supplies.
My Best Day At Work: Spending a relaxing afternoon violating the company policy of not wearing swimsuits in front of each other at a pool cabana in Las Vegas.
Melissa Devlin Edwards SENIOR EVENT MANAGER
What I Do: I bring a love of performance, spectacle and all things “lights, camera action” from my former life as a dancer to create magical experiences for clients.
Where I've Been: Over the past 10 years, I have been to Hawaii, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands and everywhere in between creating, managing and working event experiences.
My Best Day At Work: Rafting past monkeys, alligators and toucans on Rio Coribici in Costa Rica with winners of an incentive trip. (I know, rough day at the office.)
What I Do: I “take my talents to South Beach” and anywhere else in the world that a client needs me to go to execute an exceptional event. I have as much fun as I possibly can while I strategize, plan, and see each project all the way through to success. Hopefully I make my clients’ lives easier along the way.
Where I've Been: Cleveland, University of Delaware, every shoe store within a 90 mile radius, The underground of Alcatraz, The Vatican, On the field at Veterans Stadium during games, The Eiffel Tower, Cleveland Browns Stadium, Las Vegas 987 times, every old church in Lisbon, 10 Backstreet Boys concerts, top of the podium with a gold medal ‘round my neck, The Stone Balloon, 47 Prospect, Monaco, Progressive Park…
My Best Day At Work: May 24, 2004: The day I started with my ESG family and my life was changed forever.
What I Do: I work tirelessly on every detail of an event to create a memorable experience for my client and their attendees.
Where I've Been: I’ve been here so long, I almost forget where else I’ve been. (It’s hazy. I think there were some toys and costumed characters involved.)
My Best Day At Work: There have been so many, but I’d have to say attending the first General Session that I produced. The lights went down, doors closed, walk-on music blasted and I thought how cool it was to see all of my hard work come to life.
What I Do: My primary role at ESG is to direct and mentor all of our fabulous Event Managers that we have been lucky enough to hire along the way. I oversee and help guide the managers as they budget, plan and execute an array of different programs and events for our clients. And, as a true event planner myself, I work firsthand on a few events each year to stay on top of current industry trends, keep my creative side going, and to find new ways to meet the needs of our customers and employees.
Where I've Been: I started in a basement of a Doubletree suite doing data entry! I made my way to SAP (where I traveled lots), stayed in a princess’ suite, planned Stevie Wonder’s birthday party, and hung with Rod Stewart.
My Best Day At Work: The day Norm and I went on our very first sales call in Boston. To save money, we took a train instead of flying and toasted to the future of ESG with a couple of cans of cheap beer.
Norman Aamodt President / Co-Founder
What I Do: Anything and everything
Where I've Been: SAP, Lynch Exhibits, DCA, Display House and a farm in Coatesville
My Best Day At Work: Opening a Pelican case in San Francisco, and seeing a picture of Mike shooting the moon, with the words “WE’RE BEHIND YOU 100%” written on it. Or maybe the day I gave that crappy rental Malibu sedan the beating it deserved. But definitely, the first day of ESG.