We are Event Strategy Group.


Connecting people with your brand in meaningful ways is what we do best. From the most intimate press briefing to the largest multi-day tradeshow, and every size event in between, we’ve got you covered.

trade shows

We don’t fabricate anything, but we know fabrication intimately based upon our deep experience in the industry, and we know everyone does good work. This is great news for you since we source and bid for proposals from a stable of vetted builders, and then evaluate the proposals from a place of extensive knowledge. Also, we can provide all of the things a fabrication house can’t—strategy, creativity, and innovation, just to start.

We understand where trade shows fit in the sales cycle and how to maximize your ROI and exceed your goals. With ESG trade shows you get everything you need, from idea to implementation. And we’ll all have fun doing it.

incentive programs

We’re firm believers in the idea that if you give people something special to work towards, they’ll exceed their own expectations — and yours. With ESG Incentives, your company can deliver once in a lifetime experiences, awkward hugs, and enhanced business results.

We’re the poster child for “small but mighty”. Our close-knit team works hard to offer innovative and unique incentives in the form of incredible group travel experiences, one-of-a-kind corporate conferences, and tailor-made reward programs—all of which are sure to tantalize, motivate and catalyze success for your organization.

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Keynotes are an important opportunity for leadership and other subject matter experts to have a voice at an event—and delivering these presentations in a professional, impactful way is critical to any program’s success.

We love keynotes. We leverage cutting-edge techniques to come up with the freshest content delivery strategies. We have lots of experience in working with CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, SMEs and all the other acronyms, making them all look and sound good (aka making YOU look good too!). We are dedicated to your success and do everything possible to ensure your message is delivered effectively and memorably.

user conferences

At user conferences, clients and prospects come together to be educated on the latest and greatest your company has to offer, hoping to be dazzled and pleasantly surprised by your products in an immersive and engaging environment. These events are an incredible opportunity to make your most important constituency true believers.

You’ll be happy to know that ESG was founded with the user conference model in mind—in a word, it’s our passion. Building something that really makes your company shine to customers and sponsors has been our bread and butter from the very beginning. We love that we get to combine everything we do best (from concept to site search, design, registration, logistics, F&B, keynotes, breakouts, and, of course, a kick-ass party) into one awesome event. We truly push the limits of our creativity and innovation with every user conference that we do.

kick offs

Basically, a big pep rally. Sounds great, right? A kick off is a perfect way to (re)energize your employees, build esprit de corps, invigorate your company mission and inspire everyone to go out and give it their all.

You need an agency willing to not only partner with you but also challenge you. An agency that brings years of experience, savvy insights, and cool creative to ensure your kick off kicks butt! We come up with the BIG IDEA, sweat the small stuff, and truly enjoy the process throughout. Our passion for success runs deep; we work hard and have a lot of fun along the way.

site searches

This is interesting. After countless site searches over the years, we realized that our warehouse of industry knowledge would be valuable as a stand-alone service to clients. So, we created a boutique site search agency capable of end-to-end support for a diverse portfolio of projects. Our MO: find the perfect venue for the right price, every time.

We’ll meet you where you are and give you exactly how much or how little assistance you need. Have a city in mind but don’t know the first thing about the venues available? We can work with that. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ve been around the block a few times—we know the tough questions to ask to get you the best deal and all your required amenities.

And, if you choose ESG to produce your event after your first site search with us, instead of the usual retention of the hotel commission, we will give half the commission back to you on this event. This is a win on all fronts—keep your project in-house with a single point of contact, smoother process, faster turnaround times, easier communication, and more cash in your pocket at the end of the day. Now, that’s what we call FUN!

virtual events

A new medium demands a new experience. Without the engagement impact and immersive environment of an in-person event, virtual events must be built differently to fit the online parameters. We take a unique approach to virtual event production, starting with strategy and ending with curating a completely customized stack of technologies and functionalities to best support your desired attendee experience.

From the smallest 10-person sales enablement event to the largest virtual conference supporting tens of thousands of attendees, there’s an engaging virtual event solution for every business objective.