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GS1 Custom Mobile App

Our client’s needs for their conference presented a unique opportunity to create a custom branded mobile app for attendees to use during the show. The app would allow attendees receive real time updates, and a gamification model encouraged participation at vendor booths.

The Challenges

  • The main objective of the GS1 mobile app was to be able to communicate instantly with attendees, and spread the client’s brand.
  • It was also a perfect opportunity to go paperless, reducing printing costs for the client.
  • In 2015, the goal was to simply release the app and integrate it successfully.
  • The client’s goals have evolved over the years to now increase engagement and adoption of the app.

Our Solution

  • In 2016, we used custom navigation icons to stay consistent with client branding.
  • We used a gamification model within the app to increase adoption and retention.
    • In 2015, attendees had a printed paper passport to collect stamps and interact with exhibitors. This was effective, but cumbersome and expensive to print and analyze everything at the end of the week.
    • In 2016, we moved the passport program in-app to go paperless and streamline the process. We turned it into a scavenger hunt style challenge to prove attendees’ interaction with the booths, while simultaneously increasing engagement. This also provided cost savings to the client by cutting down on printing costs.
    • With a mobile app, we can immediately pull a final report with results from the scavenger hunt in-app and distribute prizes more promptly to attendees.
  • To increase adoption rates, we included each attendees’ custom conference schedule to encourage users to log in. An integrated security process made sure only authorized attendees could access sensitive information, and increased app retention.
  • In 2016 and 2017, we made a big push at registration to download the mobile app, driving even more adoption.
  • By 2018, attendees were accustomed to having a mobile app at the conference and app adoption became a habit.
  • We have used the same mobile app provider all four years to stay consistent and streamline the setup process each year.
  • The mobile app allows our client to communicate with attendees in real time using push notifications, useful for last minute changes, emergencies, etc.

The Results

  • In 2015: overall 69% adoption rate, 29% of users signed in
  • In 2016: overall 71% adoption rate, 45% of users signed in
  • In 2017: overall 73% adoption rate, 59% of users signed in
  • In 2018: overall 94% adoption rate, 83% of users signed in
  • Migrating the passport program into a mobile app severely cut down paper consumption. There have been discussions about going 100% paperless for future shows.
  • Although total attendee numbers for the conference have dropped, the total number of app adoption has continued to increase year to year.
  • In 2015: the app was open for 23,000 minutes total
  • In 2018: the app was open for 69,000 minutes total
    • Each attendee had the app open for an average of 80 minutes.