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PRIDE Chef Challenge

The Challenges

  • At the conference, one of the major objectives was to engage the attendees in a food-related event.
  • It was also necessary to engage with leading industry partners for sponsorship and drive revenue for the conference.
  • ESG faced the challenge of attracting partner companies and producing an event that would get attendees engaged.

With proven creativity and innovation in event management, we set out to effectively execute a Chef Challenge. Six teams were pitted against each other in a timed, two course food preparation challenge, presented in a forum that was accessible as well as attractive to appeal to competitors and the audience overall.

Our Solution

The chosen teams were up to the task, excited to test their skills and engage in the activities.

  • An ingredients table in the middle of the room provided participants the opportunity to use their creativity, and the central location in the venue brought life and an excited buzz to the show floor.
  • PRIDE and ESG enjoyed a collaboration with UNLV students staffing the event, in a mutually beneficial collaboration
    • Students received college credit and real-world experience for their services and the client was able to save on staffing costs.
  • Equipment was provided for the teams, thanks to partner companies, including induction tables by Lakeside, knives from Mercer, blenders from Hamilton-Beach and plates from Oneida.
  • Partners were able to provide material contributions valued at the prices of the sponsorships, offering cost savings to the client.
  • A centralized judge’s stage gave the three judges a clear view of the competition, adding to the authenticity and friendly competitive atmosphere of the challenge.
  • Each of the six teams were placed on stages garnished with 8’x16′ fabric walls, allowing for additional customized branded space.
  • In the face of a potential setback on site involving missing venue artwork, ESG handled the problem swiftly and resourcefully: one of the team members was a professional photographer who provided high-resolution food graphics, which were then used to adorn the stages.

The Results

Thanks to comprehensive event management support and an engaging emcee for the night, the event was quite successful.

  • Each team brought a high level of culinary flair to the competition, and both required recipes were presented in an extraordinary manner.
  • The venue was packed and the event had excellent participation, with an estimated 95 percent of conference attendees observing the competition.
  • More than just getting people into the space, the event engaged attendees in a unique way.
  • Branding for this event was excellent, successfully involving UNLV students and the many industry partners in a creative way while staying extremely cost-effective.
  • Donations from sponsors provided equipment for the elaborate competition and helped the bottom line.
  • Finding a professional food photographer captured the theme of the event perfectly, simultaneously providing a cost-effective alternative to purchasing artwork.

But our feedback from the client sums it all up:

Our chef competition was an unforgettable event, and we still have vendors and dealers talking about the next one. Stefan is a star and great at the detail!