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Mobile World Congress

The Challenges

Lenovo has been a leader in smartphones for many years in China. And with the acquisition of Motorola, the company has strongly positioned itself in the global markets and exhibited exactly how far it has come at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry.

The goal at this show was to highlight Lenovo’s products and present the company as a major player in the global smartphone market, drawing a line between all brands to illustrate how these products can unexpectedly add value to everyday life.

  • The story we wanted to tell would show event attendees the individual features and capabilities of Lenovo’s products.
  • We needed to prioritize business meetings and foster relationships with existing customers and partners.
  • We drew up a plan to attract prospective attendees into Lenovo’s trade show booth stand and developed a new design and fresh look while adhering to the previous year’s budgetary restrictions.
  • Finally, we also needed to reinvigorate product presentations through a new brand ambassador presence.

Our Solution

To maximize Lenovo’s presence at the show, it was crucial to design a space that would appeal to savvy mobile users. We created a booth that provided significant exposure for Lenovo and its complete array of products.

  • The booth’s design featured a hospitality zone and private meeting space for these purposes yet left enough room to leverage the space for press addresses, VIP hospitality, NDA products and evening events.
  • Digital visuals were used throughout the space to promote each brand’s imagery as needed, effectively creating the desired balance among Lenovo’s products.
  • To meet the objective of drawing attendees to the booth, we positioned three stages along the space’s perimeter to maintain a constant live stage presence. This enabled a higher level of public interaction and led to increased invitations inside the booth to see product demos and receive hands-on experiences.
  • Additionally, ESG brought inside salespeople from Lenovo’s Ambassador Lite program to staff each of the company’s three demo stages, ensuring a continuous live presentation. We oversaw training to ensure they were prepared to actively engage on the show floor to represent Lenovo’s products.

The Results

Together, Lenovo and ESG accomplished considerable success during this year’s event.

  • We produced a newly designed booth, which was delivered under budget.
  • The structure of the three demo stages resulted in an extremely popular attraction, drawing in both commercial and consumer audiences.
  • Our client enjoyed improvements in logistics, seamless executive transportation support, inventory tracking, in/outbound product shipping and customs management.
  • A fresh take on food and beverages and the on-site after-hours party, which included entertainment and production.

According to Adrien Vincent, a primary stakeholder of Lenovo, Mobile World Congress 2017 was “a tremendous success.” He noted that the company achieved all its objectives for this event.