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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest mobile device conference, held each year in Barcelona, Spain. For several years, ESG has produced Lenovo’s presence at MWC, with 2018 being the most recent installment.

The Challenges

  • Each year, Lenovo’s presence at MWC evolves to reflect attendee demographics. ESG has to be mindful of this cultural shift each year when budgeting, producing and staffing the booth–we are constantly updating and creating, stretching our minds and incorporating the latest cutting edge technology to best represent our client.
  • Lenovo has gone from exclusively showcasing their mobile products in their first year at the conference, to this year showcasing their full line of products. The creative minds at ESG take part in devising the most engaging, brand immersive experience to highlight each product line in the best possible way.
  • In the face of yearly budget cuts, we never compromise on our client’s end goals. As always, ESG keeps cost savings front of mind while still staying current with industry trends and improving our client’s conference presence year after year.

Our Solution

  • ESG produced a visually stunning “vortex” design for the booth that represented the cloud and tied the whole booth together. This design also allowed for ESG to prominently  highlight and celebrate Lenovo’s newest brand color.
  • From a single story booth with 25% public space in the first year, Lenovo’s booth at MWC has evolved into an impressive two-story structure with over 30 meeting rooms accommodating thousands of people each day of the conference.
  • With 800 square feet of space, every square inch of space had to be utilized effectively. ESG produced a booth that was lively, compact, well-organized and designed for efficient movement and communication between conference attendees and promoters.
  • ESG trained booth promoters in best practices to ensure engaging, knowledgeable, brand-aligned representatives for our client’s goals.
  • Forward-thinking, classic, unisex uniforms for promoters broke conference stereotypes and positioned Lenovo in a progressive and positive light.

The Results

  • 90% positive response rate on booth engagement
    • “Very professional people on the booth”
    • “We generated several good leads”
    • “Absolutely fantastic showcase! Beautiful design and a very engaging layout”
    • “The booth management, scheduling and layout were fantastic!”
  • 93% satisfaction rate regarding overall booth design and showcase
    • “One of the best”
    • “Significantly better than last year”
  • 100% satisfaction rate regarding overall information and communication before the event