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PRIDE Evening Event

The Challenges

In a city awash in bright lights and big games, how do you stage an evening event for conference attendees that stands out from the competition? ESG took on that challenge for the PRIDE Conference in Las Vegas.

  • With an off-site venue and early start times the next morning, we had our work cut out for us.
  • While the distance was walkable, the promise of a spectacular night out was needed to incentivize attendees to make the trek.

Our Solution

To address the presented challenges, we crafted a classic casino games night.

  • An additional gaming element raised the stakes and increased engagement throughout the night’s activities
  • A key component to the night was our collaboration with the restaurant management, hospitality and music students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to staff the event.
  • Reserved private shuttles operated throughout the evening to give attendees the freedom to stay for as long as they liked. Providing this transportation immediately improved access for attendees who were discouraged by the distance between the conference hall and the off-site venue.

Once inside, attendees found the evening event space filled to capacity and bustling with activity.

  • ESG worked with the UNLV music school to set the mood, incorporating a student jazz trio as the evening’s entertainment showcase.
  • Six UNLV student dealers manned the tables while attendees participated in three different casino games. This provided the UNLV students real-life exposure and experience in their chosen field, while also providing an efficient solution to the client’s budgetary limitations.
  • Every touchpoint included PRIDE customized branding, creating an immersive and professional experience for both the client and attendees.
  • ESG created a PRIDE-branded currency for the evening’s attendees to cash in after participating in the gaming activities.
  • Student dealers distributed raffle tickets to attendees who hit it big at blackjack and other gaming tables, which they could trade in for entries into a number of different prizes.
  • UNLV students from the restaurant and hospitality school served an eclectic range of fare, from oysters on the half shell to lamb meatballs and veggie spring rolls, rounding out the evening with upscale food options.

The Results

  • The venue was well-attended as the event engaged attendees and raised brand awareness. Meanwhile, the client was happy with the turnout and pleased with the successful integration of UNLV students into the conference’s premium evening event.
  • From the client, “The UNLV party was very special with the unique touches and extra spins you and your team put on the evening. We’re excited to have terrific pictures and recordings from a benchmark event for our group!”
  • Coming in under budget, the evening event was a success on all fronts.