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In June 2020, we produced a full scale, interactive virtual conference that delivered a rich attendee experience for our client’s audiences.

A little background on the in-person conference: At GS1 Connect, GS1 US’s annual conference for GS1 Standards users, attendees move through different tracks of curated content based on which industry they hail from. Over the years of planning this conference annually, we have grown alongside our partners, transforming the conference over the years into one that puts the attendee experience first. The atmosphere is lively, collaborative and community driven, with inclusions that are designed to make the attendees active participants in conference content.


  • Trading Partner Roundtables bring together attendees and industry experts in a moderated discussion.
  • The Startup Lab program allows attendee groups the chance to pitch their ideas Shark Tank-style in competition for a cash prize.
  • An in-app scavenger hunt increases foot traffic to sponsor and exhibitor booths and encourages attendees to engage with all that GS1 Connect has to offer.
  • Evening events provide additional networking and connection opportunities.


On top of the impactful keynote presentations, topic specific panel discussions with industry professionals, and dozens of breakout sessions across six different tracks, each attendee can experience GS1 Connect in a richly personalized, interactive way.


Our Solution

Consistent with other events on the calendar, we knew that an in-person conference would not be possible for 2020.


From a planning side, we looked at the aspects of the in-person conference, and together with our partner, prioritized the inclusions that would be vital to adapt for the digital edition.


  • Our own ESG Live software provided the framework to host our client’s event, supporting multiple event platforms within one, custom branded landing page to streamline the user experience. We pride ourselves on being platform neutral; with every event we produce, we curate a mix of platform technology and functionalities to best support our client’s desired attendee experience.
  • Wherever possible, we used live video to increase attendance and add a layer of exclusivity. A Livestream show for each day of the conference included segments with keynote presenters, the Startup Lab competition, industry panelists, conference hosts and emcees, with live audience polling features for added engagement.
  • Trading Partner Roundtable sessions were hosted using live video conferencing software in a smaller format with moderated Q&A for a more interactive experience
  • The decision to waive registration fees meant that event sponsors played an important role–a designated sponsorship area within the event website made sure they still saw value.
  • Breakouts were moved to an on-demand format with a live moderated Q&A in order to be flexible for attendees. Topics were condensed down to two sessions per each of the six tracks to protect the integrity of the paid, in-person event.
  • The mobile app supplemented the loss of in-person networking with discussion and messaging features, along with a social media feed to share moments during the event

The Results

Our top priority when crafting the GS1 Connect Digital Edition virtual conference was a quality attendee experience. Our team of production professionals working full tilt behind the screen made for a seamless user experience, and providing meaningful, live content that actively engaged attendees added value to the conference as a whole.


  • At 3,845 registrants, we exceeded our goal of 3,000 by 28%. On average, the in-person conference draws about 2,000 registrants.
  • 71% of registrants were first-time attendees, allowing us to expand our reach to new audiences.
  • In general, we saw an increase in attendance of small to midsize businesses over the in-person conference.


Notable attendee feedback:


  • “Amazingly well planned and professional. Loved the way it watched like an interesting show.”
  • “Convenient method to get the general content of the event. Was well put together and easy to use.”
  • “Good content on current trends. I attended the first day live broadcast. It was well done. Technically, everything seems to go smoothly. I enjoyed the keynote speaker and his session.”
  • “Great content, impressive production value, good usage of time allocations per topic, valuable presenters.”


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