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When Buying An Armadillo, Bring Cash

For CES, we needed to acquire several taxidermic animals. Let’s not even delve into what the Creative Brief looked like for this task…

  • Vulture
  • Dik dik (Google it.)
  • Jackalope
  • Armadillo

The jackalope was easy to find online, but the others proved to be a little more challenging.

Vultures are considered endangered animals, so only museums or wildlife refugees can have a stuffed one. Otherwise, you can actually be arrested for carrying one without a permit (True story).

Since dik diks are indigenous to Africa, the only people that have them are safari/ gaming enthusiasts who cherish their souvenirs and don’t want to lend them out to strangers for a killer photo op.

And the Armadillo.

You would think with how often they get whacked on Texas interstates, that one would only be a double-click-to-buy away.

Not the case.

We worked the phones for weeks trying to locate one. Deadlines were looming and all seemed lost when, finally, we got a call form the owner of a taxidermy shop located in the hinterlands of Pennsylvania. He said that his son had one that he might sell it. Cash only.

So, we contacted him, negotiated a price, and suggested that he drop the armadillo off at our office.

Nope… too far from the hinterlands. We ended up going with his (also really private) plan – a public parking lot off the Northeast Extension.

We exchanged cash and armadillo and parted ways.

The moral of our tale is stay motivated and be prepared to meet any need. Oh, and if you’re meeting a guy to buy an armadillo in a parking lot off of the interstate, bring cash.