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CSR for Events: 6 Ways to Make Your Event More Socially Responsible

When planning your next event, consider adding an element of CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) undoubtedly has tremendous benefits for companies, including increased publicity, improved public image, and more engaged employees. Not to mention how important nonprofits also gain vital funding and recognition of their causes as a result of CSR.

But what some people don’t realize is that CSR can expand beyond charitable donations and involve tangible, person-to-person interaction with the organizations it benefits. Here are 6 creative ways you can engage in CSR with your next event:

1. Hire diverse vendors

Hire local vendors and companies managed by women, minority groups, people in the LGBT community, or other marginalized groups. By actively seeking out and hiring these organizations for jobs that you already need at your event (chefs, florists, printing specialists, entertainers, etc.), you are helping dismantle the power imbalance that exists within the corporate world and helping local businesses within the community where your event is being held.

2. Source food locally

If your event involves food, make sure it is locally sourced. The definition of “local” is broad, but usually taken to mean food within a 100-400 mile radius of the destination.  In addition to supporting farms and food production businesses around the community in which your event is being held, locally sourced food also has environmental benefits. Food that travels shorter distances uses less fossil fuels than imported foods, therefore emitting fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

3. Involve non-profits

If the nature of your event permits it, involve non-profits related to your event in the city where it takes place. This can increase attendee engagement, attract publicity and interaction for non-profits, and support a good cause of your company’s choosing.

4. Incorporate a community service aspect

This is an excellent way to engage your attendees, get them to collaborate for a worthy cause, and boost your own public image in the process. For example, instead of a happy hour at the end of the event, attendees could participate in a short and sweet, collaborative community service event.

5. 5+5+5 Strategy

Here at ESG, we participate in the 5+5+5 strategy. The client selects a charity of their choice to support, and attendees of the event can opt in for an addition of $5 to their registration fee to support said charity. The client then matches that donation, along with us at ESG. If the event has no registration fee, provide the attendees the option at registration to donate and cause the chain reaction of additional donations.

6. Divert as much waste as possible

Reduce your event’s carbon footprint and prevent as much waste as possible from ending up in a landfill. Use recycled materials for all signage, and send all materials after the event to be recycled. Make all your handouts and brochures paperless. Re-use badge covers from previous events. Send unused, suitable food to local anti-hunger organizations, and compost the rest.

Want to know more? Drop us a line!

If you’re looking to incorporate more CSR in your company’s events but don’t know where to start, give us a call. From the largest conferences to the smallest meetings, we’ve got something up our sleeve to make your event more socially responsible.

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming more and more common with each passing year, with consumers now expecting companies to participate. Where will CSR take your next event?