We are Event Strategy Group.


We are all about having FUN. That doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard, or that your event will be silly, but it does mean that the making of your event will be fun, because, well, life is short so why the hell not?

How We Work

Since our founding over a decade ago, we’ve put on thousands of corporate events.

Massive ones. Small ones. And somewhere-in-between ones. We’ve earned millions of frequent flier miles. Auditioned a few contortionists. And drank enough coffee and Red Bull to float Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet.

So, let’s just say, we have experience.

Let’s also say, we love what we do. Absolutely. Without question.

Forever and ever. Cross our hearts.

4 ways we like to do things differently



small enough to be nimble with a “we’ll find a way” philosophy.



clever, unexpected, and laser-focused on the success of your event



we work hard to be a good partner to you by meeting your budget while ensuring your success



we are a boutique agency that makes the experience of working together fun