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How to Outsmart a Hurricane

Handling Hurricane Florence

What do you get when you mix an event production agency who sends dozens (sometimes hundreds) of shipments each day across state lines and country borders, with a hurricane set to make landfall in the state where they do their most business? A big ol’ Situation, that’s what.

No, sadly this isn’t a hypothetical riddle, but a very pertinent reality for ESG and Hurricane Florence (happy hurricane season!). But just like in the world of theater, the show must go on–and we had some work to do.

Key point: you can’t do it alone

Thanks to the modern day technology commonly known as meteorology, we knew a few days in advance approximately where and when Hurricane Florence was set to make landfall. And since it takes a village of incredibly organized, detail-oriented humans to make sure our packages get where they need to go on time without natural disaster-level weather patterns, we knew we were well equipped to make it happen.

In the end, the events were going to happen, hurricane or not. With packages shipping to and from both hurricane-affected and other sunnier locations, we needed to ensure that every event had the necessary materials on time no matter what. Meaning all of the detailed planning we did to make sure the products, banners, name badges, and other event necessities got where they needed to go now had to happen even sooner.

With the help of our shipping and logistics partners, we got our hustle on and adjusted the shipment schedule for every last package that would have been affected. We then reached out to the venues receiving the items to ensure they were prepared, if needed, to store the packages an extra day or two–just to tie up all the loose ends. It’s meticulous work, but the satisfaction and peace of mind we give our clients makes it worth it every time. No stone left unturned, people.

After all, it’s who we are

That’s the ESG essence–we are professional yes-sayers with a “we’ll find a way” mentality. And until we find a way to control the weather, we’ll keep doing what we do best.