Lenovo Live

If there’s one thing ESG has a handle on, it’s logistics. As evidenced by the dozens of Lenovo Live events we produce every year–each requiring unique food and beverage service and registration processes, as well as dozens of product shipments to different cities–attention to detail is critical.

the challenges

Our client’s goal with each Lenovo Live is to showcase their latest and greatest products throughout key markets in the US and Canada, educating attendees on their strategic direction and provides an insiders look into their comprehensive product portfolio.

At ESG, our primary goal is to showcase the best of Lenovo in a fun, non-traditional and engaging atmosphere that enables attendees to get hands-on-experience testing numerous products and capabilities.

While the products and goals across Lenovo Live shows largely stay consistent, it is up to ESG to ensure that each event is unique, engaging and thoughtfully managed.

Event Strategy Group
our solution

In order to achieve these goals, we’ve got the art of the trade down to a science:

Consistency is key: each event venue is chosen to be able to accommodate the 14-18 large pelican cases and Benson boxes of product and branding materials used at every show. But these meeting spaces are far from the status quo.

At a Lenovo Live, you can find the product on display while cruising down Lake Michigan on a private yacht, in a suite overlooking the field of an NFL Stadium, at a boutique hotel that is a part contemporary art museum, or even at a brewery where the event concludes with a private tour and tasting.

Overall experience and brand immersion are at the forefront of our minds when choosing the venues for Lenovo Lives. We’ve got the magic touch that marries quantitative goals with a twist of fun. Linking these educational shows with meaningful, valuable experiences for attendees has proven successful year after year as the event series continues to grow.

Lenovo Lives are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, sometimes two events in one day in different cities, resulting in four events per week. ESG’s acute attention to detail and best-in-the-business team of shipping wizards ensures that product arrives safe and sound and on time–every time.

the results

Each year our expertise continues to grow in the art of the Lenovo Live:

In 2016, we produced 37 Lenovo Lives with over 800 attendees. In 2017, we produced 41 events with 900+ attendees.

To put it into perspective–2017 had 41 events, which means successfully contracting with 41 separate venues, ordering 41 different food & beverage menus, pre and post communication for 41 different events, 41 separate registration sites, and tracking dozens of packages flying over state and country lines to 41 different locations, oftentimes for different shows simultaneously.