Moto G6 & E5 Press Pre-Briefing

With just over three weeks until the proposed launch date of their new g6 and e5 phones and a budget just as tight as their timeline, Motorola turned to the innovative minds at ESG to produce a press pre-briefing event.

the challenges

The client was looking for an event that would align with their brand while creatively debuting this newest generation of phones to the national media.

In addition, the client wanted to use this event to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the world’s first cell phone call, made on the Motorola DynaTAC in April 1973.

Event Strategy Group
our solution

After presenting three creative concepts that took advantage of the client’s chosen venue (an NYC penthouse suite with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city skyline), Motorola decided on our jewelry case concept.

Playing off the idea of jewelry case, we fabricated colorful “open-air” frames, which successfully presented the product in both an elevated and accessible way, mirroring the phones’ high-end design and affordability for the consumer.

Colorful prints of Motorola’s iconic batwing “branded the city skyline” on the suite’s breathtaking windows.

By utilizing the venue’s existing furnishings wherever possible and accessorizing with small, but high-impact retro pieces as a nod to the 70’s theme, we achieved a visually stunning, made-for-the-’gram space while staying comfortably within budget.

the results

This vibrant, cohesively branded experience thrilled both our client and the media personnel who attended, generating positive online feedback and social mentions. Matt Swider, Senior Mobile Editor of TechRadar, remarked that this was “the best Motorola event yet.”

The client was so pleased with the design that they requested them on a long-term basis for use at their corporate HQ in Chicago.

In total, the event briefed 51 media personnel from 37 key tech and consumer media outlets in the US, along with several from Canada who flew in especially for the event. Those in attendance included reps from USA Today, Gizmodo, Engadget, Consumer Reports, Android Central, and CNET.