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Key Elements of a Killer Sales Kickoff

When we say we want to make your sales kickoff event “memorable,” we mean this in the best way possible. Plenty of kickoffs are memorable in all the wrong, “I’d rather have done anything else,” mind-numbing boredom ways.

That’s not what you’re getting with ESG—let’s make your next sales kickoff bold, earth-shattering, dare we say—fun. And the thing is, “fun” is woven into the very fabric of our who we are. That doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard, or that your event will be silly, but it does mean that the making your event will be fun, because, well, life is short so why the hell not?

So, let’s make a memorable sales kickoff together:

Before your sales kickoff event

To begin with, start early, and figure out what your company wants to achieve with the event. Work with our team to develop a strategy, set objectives and make sure this event helps to guide your sales team for the upcoming sales season.

Make sure to include all the key players. Sales reps, sales assistants, management and maybe even people in supporting roles in different departments should be included. Your sales reps will need to be willing to participate and prepared for what’s to come. Solicit feedback from your team on previous years’ successes and failures. Don’t be afraid to assign homework as well and ask certain people to present or be prepared to share during the event.

Next, let’s set a theme for the event and ensure that it’s something that not only inspires motivation, but also aligns with your company goals and your strategy. We pay attention to all the details, like location, food, drinks and music.

Finally, create an agenda and ensure that you’re saving things that could be discussed in a meeting or email for a later time. The schedule should not only remain flexible but also integrate the feedback that you gathered from your key players.

During your sales kickoff event

During the event, foster networking and give an opportunity for people who might not otherwise socialize the time to do so. This is the time to give access to multilevel engagement, such as providing entry-level sales reps the chance to speak and interact with C-level executives.

Try mixing things up, such as hosting live Q&As, roundtables and even breakouts with different departments. Additionally, this is the perfect chance to share sales successes and give out recognition and prizes for those who have performed exceptionally well.

Throughout the event, make sure that you’re reinforcing the fundamental concepts from your overall strategy. At the end of each session, try soliciting feedback on how the event is going and if it’s something that can be acted on quickly. Try to make those changes before the next session. Above all, ensure that you’re providing a variety of sessions and abstaining from the more boring go-to options, such as PowerPoints or lengthy speeches.

After your sales kickoff event

Once the event has concluded, request feedback quickly. From this feedback, evaluate how the event went as well as if it achieved all of your objectives. You want to keep the motivation and energy up after the event has concluded. Try using your themed content in the following ways to maintain the level of enthusiasm your participants left with:

  • Use your theme in internal communications.
  • Provide any materials that were used during the event.
  • Launch contests (such as sales contests).
  • Launch dashboards or trackers to support your goals.

If you need help planning your event, contact the professionals at ESG today!