We are Event Strategy Group.


With everything we do, we strive to challenge the status quo and deliver on your project’s potential.

What do people
want at
an event?

more experiences, more of a journey
fewer “shiny objects,” more meaning
relevant stories & meaningful experiences
uniquely intimate & immersive experiences
well-crafted content that tells stories of value & meaning
personalized, authentic storytelling

How do events relate to the Sales Cycle?

  • unaware

  • knowledge

  • understanding

  • engagement

  • retention


Lead Generation & Brand Awareness

Events targeted at desired audiences and industries produced by 3rd parties

seminars & conferences

Awareness, Education, Adoption & Close

Events grow more targeted and more focused on the desired outcome as the prospects move toward close

proprietary events

Strengthen Relationship, Educate & Upsell

Large and small-scale events meant to bring customers together to share the love