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technology distraction

Keep Calm and Unplug

Whether you’ve spent months planning a high-attendee event down to every last detail, or have only been prepping for a week for a large business presentation, you’ll want everyone in the room to be fully present. However, like clockwork, within a few minutes, attendees can’t help but bring out their phones.

This is just something you have to deal with, right? We don’t think so. While we believe that social sharing at events is a great way to spread your message and event content, there is a place and time. Attendees should be encouraged to not only listen to the speakers but really be present and hear what the presenter is saying without constantly texting and checking their Instagram accounts.

A new company called Yondr has recognized this issue and created a neoprene bag, which phones are inserted into in order to prevent them from being accessed during events. A wireless signal is used to lock the bags in a “Phone Free Zone,” then if attendees want to access their mobile devices, they simply need to exit the zone.

Technology is supposed to help us, but most of the time smartphones act as a distraction from what’s going on at the moment, right now, in front of our faces. The next time you attend an event or listen to a keynote, consider putting down your device. You might just be inspired.