The Disruption the Event World Needed

Listen to ESG’s own Greg Beach on Inside the Greenroom podcast! Greg was interviewed by Pete Vargas and Blair Nichols of Advance Your Reach, a business helping companies grow their business and spread their message through stages.

The episode features discussion on a plethora of topics related the evolving event industry and embracing change in the age of the pandemic. We discuss why disruption isn’t always a bad thing, and how the industry is being pushed to new, innovative heights as a result.

Topics Covered
  • How our industry experience has helped us to create amazing virtual events
  • Overcoming the stigma that “virtual” events are any less impactful
  • How virtual can solve common problems in live events
  • How engaging content is more important than ever
  • How speakers can upgrade their digital storytelling
  • And more!

This episode will leave you inspired to reimagine the way you approach events as a speaker, entrepreneur, or meeting planner.

The full interview is free to stream here.