What to Do Instead of Canceling Your Event

Now more than ever, your audiences are looking for meaningful ways to grow, connect and do business. Even with in-person events taking a hiatus, you still have the power to create live, engaging experiences that connect your attendees to your content, your brand and one another through a variety of strategic solutions and digital events.

With endless platforms to choose from, it might feel like the best answer is to use whichever one you currently have a license for. However, different platforms are built for different purposes, and will yield different results. At ESG, we like to take a platform neutral approach. After analyzing your business goals and determining your event goals and audiences, we choose the best platform to match your specific needs.

Live Studio Broadcast

Compelling content and advanced storytelling techniques combine in a live, immersive format to drive attendance and engagement. With TV-quality production, this format is designed to captivate your audience and leave them wanting more. Combine pre-recorded and live segments, and/or extend all content to on-demand in post-show production for a customizable experience. Work with our team of experts to align show segments to your existing content strategy using industry best practices for screenwriting, or create something completely unique.

Great for: High level brand messaging, keynotes, roundtables, panel discussions, and more.

Hybrid Live & On-demand Engagements

Deliver targeted content messaging to curated audiences in an interactive, user-friendly format. After determining the right platform for your messaging, audience and event purpose, we collaborate on a unique schedule to maximize attendance and engagement. This is not your typical webinar—designed with attendee experience in mind, we train hosts and speakers on best practices for digital presentation and audience interaction. Options to combine pre-recorded and live segments make for a customizable format.

Great for: Customer briefings, product showcases, sales enablement, educational sessions, and more.

Full Virtual Conference

Immerse your attendees in a lifelike virtual conference with live and on-demand capabilities. Keep your audiences engaged with mobile and gamification features, and satisfy exhibitors and sponsors with customizable virtual spaces. Much like an in-person conference, there’s a something for everybody.

Great for: Brand hosted conferences and large events.

Event in a Box

Attendees receive a shipment containing items curated to help them engage and feel connected to your event prior to the show date. Endlessly customizable for a variety of event purposes, this design is made to be used in combination with hybrid live & on-demand engagements.

Great for: Customer events, lunch & learns, networking opportunities, product showcases, briefings and more.

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