How We Work

Since our founding over a decade ago, we’ve put on thousands of corporate events.

Massive ones. Small ones. And somewhere-in-between ones. We’ve earned millions of frequent fliers miles. Auditioned a few contortionists. And drank enough coffee and Red Bull to float Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet.

So, let’s just say, we have experience.

Let’s also say, we love what we do. Absolutely. Without question.
Forever and ever. Cross our hearts.

How could we not?

We get to produce events that involve colossal video screens, monster trucks, lasers, rock bands, cross-country road trips, battle bots, unicorns, dreams and imagination.

It’s fun. (Really fun.) It’s also a lot of work. (A lot of work.)

Because it’s the work that turns scribbles on a cocktail napkin into reality. It’s the work that makes an event, an “EVENT”.

It’s the work; Contract negotiations, session scheduling, engineering schematics, power drops, rigging points, screen formats, proofreading, chicken or fish, details, minutia and etceteras on top of etceteras…that makes it all work.

That makes it amazing. Which, —at the end of the day, truth be told— is really what we make.


We make amazing.

But, we don’t make amazing alone. Amazing takes collaborators, cohorts and confidants.

People who are ready to roll up their sleeves and rumble. Amazing takes you.

Because, together—You and Us—we make it work.

We make it happen.