what we do

Simply put, we get it done for our clients. What “it” means depends on the client and the event, but here’s a general idea of where we excel:


Event Strategy

It’s literally our name. We know the real magic happens when strategy and goals are aligned. We’ll ask the right questions to make sure your event has measurable impact.

Design and Creative

It takes a lot to break through the noise. Think of us as your brand’s bullhorn.

Full Service Production

From staging and lighting to speaker management to the post event sizzle reel, we’ve got you covered.

Meetings and Event Logistics

We love a good checklist. Hire us as an extension of your team and use the time you’ll gain back to focus on your content and your audience.

Event Tech Consulting

We’ve produced hundreds of digital and hybrid events. Lean on our expertise to choose the right stack for your program.

Need more specifics? Here's a full rundown of what we can do for you.

full rundown

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

At the beginning. Right here. What do you want to achieve? Let’s set up a meeting and talk strategy.

What’s the largest event you ever did? Smallest?

The largest was a 4-day conference with 13,000 attendees. The smallest was a 10-person, half-day seminar. All events, large and small, have a dedicated, perfectly-sized team to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Do you handle travel arrangements?

Planes, trains, and automobiles and any other form of transportation you might need.

Can I get an estimate?

Yes. A firm estimate with a complete explanation of everything from F&B and AV to lanyards and amenities. We build budgets with objectives in mind and we’ll always tailor to yours.

How long will it take to plan my event?

How much time do we have? Of course, the more time we have, the better, but we can work with any timeline.

Can we talk to your current clients?

Absolutely. If you need some solid references, we’re happy to hook you up with that. You can check out some of our current clients featured on our site here.

Our CEO wants to speak. But he is terrible. Can you make him not terrible?

With a little coaching we can have him sounding like a cross between Jon Stewart and Oprah.

Do I really need outside help to host a digital event?

Planning digital events is a lot like planning in-person events—at least the most successful ones are! Let’s create a wow-worthy experience together. We promise it’s worth it.

How do I pick the right platform?

Picking the right platform is like choosing a venue for an in-person event; an important decision, but not the whole conversation. We’ll put together a custom mix of event technology and functionalities for your event after we nail down strategy.

Can you adapt my event that’s usually in person to a digital/hybrid one?

Sure can. Let’s start from the top and compare in-person event strategy with digital event goals to see how we can seamlessly blend the two.

Can you help me keep my audience’s attention through a computer screen?

Absolutely. This is the fun part—with a little professional video editing, TV quality production, and a slew of engagement tactics up our sleeve, we’ve got you covered.

Does hosting a hybrid event mean planning two different events?

Think of it as one event with two different experiences. We’ll help you outline a strategy, and then create experiences that actively engage both audiences without isolating one or the other.

How much IT do I need?

Divide the number of smart phones, times the number of tablets squared by the number of laptops. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure everyone and every device is connected.

How do you ‘measure the success’ of an event?

This is where we love to geek-out on things like data collection, RFIDs, contact integration, cross-referencing, analysis, and ROI metrics. It all starts with your objective and how you define success.

Can you help me add some fireworks to my Power Point presentation?

Absolutely. We can also show you other, awesome, digitally integrated, larger than life ways to help you tell your story and skip PowerPoint altogether. (With or without real, explosive fireworks.)

What’s the craziest thing that ever happened at an event?

Next question.

Filet or lobster tail? Or none of the above?

This can really depend on what kind of meeting you are having. Working with nutrition specialists, we can plan a menu that’s also a part of your strategy. Need your folks to be creative? We’ve got a menu that will boost their brainstorming chops. Is part of your goal to bring people together? We’ll make a meal experience that will inspire teamwork and goal setting… just ask your event manager.

Do you create team building exercises?

Yes, we do… How about a scavenger hunt in Vegas, or an Amazing Race? Iron Chef? Minute to Win It? We can create a custom experience for your team as well as those traditional fail-safes like trust falls in the woods or zip-lining.

Is there anything you won’t do?

We try to keep it all within the margins of the law.