LFD National Sales Conference: “The Time Is Now”

For over 10 years, ESG has produced the annual National Sales Conference (NSC) for Lincoln Financial Distributors (LFD). Each year, LFD brings their top 1,000 sales managers to attend the conference which includes breakout session, a two-day general session and a compliance session to meet LFD requirements and learn best business practices.

the challenges

As the production partner for LFD National Sales Conference (NSC), ESG is responsible for designing, managing and executing the overall event management of the program including the general sessions and breakouts, vendor sourcing, equipment rentals, design and graphics, AV tech and staffing support as needed.

Holiday schedules (the event is in January) and last minute branding and set design changes presented timeline challenges.

A budget that stayed static YOY combined with external increases in vendor rates meant we had to get creative in our solutions.

Event Strategy Group
our solution

Keeping design for print production in-house allowed us to work closely and efficiently in tight turn around times, and our maintained relationship with print vendors across the country made all the pieces come together in time.

ESG’s model is unique in that we rely on close relationships with our partners and vendors, but we are not beholden to any contracts–choosing instead to keep the needs of our client as the utmost importance. This allows us to leverage our relationships where necessary, but still be flexible when necessary to stay within budget.

the results

ESG provided full AV and tech support for the 50+ breakout sessions, as well as load in and load out processes for all equipment.

The event space was seamlessly branded with high-quality design pieces, creating an immersive experience for attendees.

All show aspects came in by the deadline and under budget, making the conference a success on all accounts.