Wolfspeed Summer Series 2021

A 5 week, 1-hour program event series from June 23 – July 31 focused on Silicon Carbide in power applications, hosted on a custom ESG Live webpage.

the challenges

Create an accessible, custom webpage to deliver 5 weeks of dynamic virtual events.

Working with Wolfspeed over the course of 5 weeks we were asked to deliver a digital platform that could perform each week’s 3 live technical sessions, while allowing audience members flexibility to pick and choose their own sessions.

Event Strategy Group
our solution

We wanted to create a user-friendly digital environment, while keeping the digital engineer in mind. Working with both live and pre-recorded content, we created a space that enticed users to explore and return to watch on-demand content after the events.

Making the digital space feel as rewarding as an in-person conference was a goal for ESG to capture. The 5-week series began with a keynote segment from Wolfspeed’s CEO and Co-Founder, John Palmour, prerecorded and produced in a dynamic virtual stage set. The event concluded with an in-depth panel discussing the Silicon Carbide market, which was also pre-recorded and by produced by ESG.

the results

A global event across many countries, including North America, Europe, and Asia, to bring industry leaders and followers together to be informed on new products and training. With an initial goal of 1500 registrations, we were able to bring Wolfspeed 2500 registrations. What was once an idea, became 10 Hours, 2 Minutes & 13 seconds of content created and made available online.

ESG live was the best fitting vehicle for the event, with it’s easy-to-use platform and functionality, sleek and modern design that was complementary with event branding and theme.